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Small Organic Kefir (200ml)

Small Organic Kefir (200ml)

Our smaller 200ml bottles are ideal for those on the go, who like to take their bottles of kefir with them, or for those who like their daily dose measured out and ready to drink! Purchase a one-off order, or create your own subscription either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Our kefir is hand crafted in small batches, at our Fermentary in East Sussex. We use the finest organic milk, that comes from a fully grass fed herd also here in East Sussex. We only ferment our kefir in glass, we also bottle it in glass too. We make our kefir using kefir grains (not actually a grain, but a SCOBY), this enables the most potent and powerful kefir available. 

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, no plastics what so ever! Our glass bottles can also be recycled with us if you are based in London and our 'milkman' rounds. 

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Available in two different bottle sizes, our 750ml bottles are the perfect addition to your household to get your daily dose of kefir, also a little better for storage if you don't have a large fridge! Our little 200ml bottles are perfect if you are on the go and want to grab a bottle to take out to work or to the gym!

We use fully recycleable materials, no plastics what so ever! We ferment & bottle in glass too! Our glass bottles can also be recycled with us if you are based in London and our 'milkman' rounds. 

Subscribe & Save, no contract cancel whenever. For more info on our subscription check out our FAQ page. Design your own subscription, customising the bottle size, quantity & frequency (Minimum quantities apply).

Free delivery on all local delivery orders (London Centric postcodes only)

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